Menopause is a natural phase of every woman’s life, and so it shouldn’t be treated as a disease. Even more, it is better to be thinking about natural menopause treatment.

For a long period of time one of the standard treatments has been the hormone replacement therapy, but now we know that it could increase the chances of being affected by cancer.

Diet as a natural treatment for menopause

One of the easiest things to do in order to keep the symptoms of menopause under control is to take a look at your diet. During this period you should avoid consuming caffeine and carbonated beverages that come with phosphorus that also support bone loss.

Natural Menopause TreatmentAnother thing to keep in mind when thinking about natural treatment for menopause is not to have commercially raised meat, such as beef, chicken and pork since these come with saturated fat and it makes more difficult for the body to metabolize estrogen.

The same thing happens in case you have too much sugar.

Instead of these kinds of foods, when thinking about natural menopause treatment you should consider consuming foods that come with phytoestrogen such as soy.

Other foods that you should make sure to consume grains, wheat, oats, brown rice, tofu, cashews, almonds, and also fresh fruits and vegetables.

Red clover isoflavone

According to different kinds of studies these supplements could help with natural treatment for menopause. This is because it reduces the incidents of hot flashes and night sweats.

Besides these it also reduces bone loss, offers protection against endometrial and breast cancer and it also improves the cardiovascular health.

Bifidus and lactobacillus acidophilus

These are the bacteria found in the intestines, and these are an important part of the natural menopause treatment. This is because they help with the utilization and metabolism of estrogen. Also there are some people who think that these good bacteria help avoiding yeast infections.

Minerals and vitamins

According to certain professionals, given minerals and vitamins could help with natural treatment for menopause. These include vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and so on. You should know that their effects are all connected to each other, so you need all of them.

Black Cohosh

This is a phytoestrogen that helps women handle the signs of menopause. Nonetheless we have to note that in case of this natural menopause treatment the results in case of women who have natural menopause are better than in case of those who have surgically induced menopause. There are some other substances and plants as well that you should consider, such as Dong Quai, Evening Primrose Oil, ginseng, and vitex agnus castus.

Natural estrogen

In case of the natural treatment for menopause it is important to use natural estrogen because it is similar to the estrogen produced in your body. There are three different kinds of estrogen usually used: estrone, estriol and estradiol. As you can see, there is a lot to know regarding natural menopause treatment and you have the option to choose.