A report by the Archives of Internal Medicine stated that diet supplements such as minerals and vitamins should not be distributed on the market, for they have proved ineffectual in reducing the risk of various forms of cancer or heart disease (heart disease in women)

A research was conducted on more than 160,000 women during a period of more than eight years, in order to determine the levels of cancer risk, bone and heart deficiencies in women who are in the period of menopause.

The research found that those women taking some type of multivitamin supplement did not in any way reduce the risk of incurring in various types of cancer as opposed to those who did not.multivitamin supplements

Problems such as strokes, heart attacks or other associated ailments were neither prevented nor reduced by the consumption of these multivitamin supplements.

Nevertheless, it was demonstrated that there were less cases of heart attacks in those women taking specific vitamins, including vitamin B and C supplements, although there were not many.

Multivitamin supplements may help in cases of deficiency in certain vitamins or minerals for those people with diets poor in nutrients, however, they will in no way prevent common heart diseases or forms of cancer.

In some cases an overdose of these supplements can even be damaging to our metabolism.