In case you are wondering what the menopause test is, then you should know that it is a home test kit that checks the level of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) of your urine. This way you can find out whether you are in menopause or perimenopause.

What is menopause?

Before considering the test for menopause, you should find out more information about menopause itself. It is considered to be the part of women’s life when they stop having their periods for at least a year. The period before this phase is known as perimenopause and it may take several years. It is possible to enter menopause while you are in your 40s or in your 60s.

Menopause TestFSH

Regarding the test for menopause we mentioned FSH. This is a hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland. This hormone level rises every month in order to trigger the ovaries to produce the eggs.

When you enter this new phase and there will be no more eggs produced, the hormone levels will rise.

Why to use the menopause test?

This test is good to check whether the symptoms that you have been having, such as hot flashes, irregular periods, sleep problems or vaginal dryness really are the symptoms of menopause. There are some women who go through the change with no discomfort at all.

Nonetheless there are some women who experience some or high levels of discomfort and may be looking for treatment after seeing the results of the test for menopause. The advantage of the test is that it offers you more information regarding the phase that you are in.

The accuracy of the menopause test

According to professionals the accuracy of the test is of 90%. Still you should keep in mind that the test isn’t meant to recognize menopause.

With time your FSH levels could vary during the menstrual cycle. Although the levels are fluctuating, the ovaries are still producing eggs and you still have the possibility to become pregnant.

The results of the test for menopause could vary according to when you use it. The results depend on whether you drink a lot of water, if you use the morning urine, you are under hormone replacement therapy, you are using oral contraceptives or patches or estrogen supplements.

What to do with the menopause test?

In order to perform the test, you could place a few drops of urine on the device, place the end of it in the urine stream or place the entire device into urine. The chemicals of the device react with the hormone and so the device changes color. Before you use the test for menopause, you should read the instructions of the manufacturer first.

Is this like the tests used by doctors?

In some cases the menopause test is just like the ones used in the doctor’s office. Keep in mind that there is more that the doctor uses, such as your medical history, laboratory tests and physical exam to get an accurate result.