The world over there is a trend towards natural cures and enhancing overall wellness as against targeting a few symptoms of any condition. So it is for menopause natural remedies, which women seek in order to alleviate problems brought about by this particular phase of their life.

natural remedies for menopauseThe reason why menopause natural remedies are something that are becoming more popular is that the medical community is only now realizing the full implications and negative effects that treatments such as Hormone Replacement Therapy and other medical interventions could have.

The risks and side effects associated with these medical interventions cause many women to seek menopause natural remedies such as –

Herbal remedies

Studies have demonstrated that Red Clover isoflavone supplements can improve cardiovascular health, retain bone density, and even protect against certain cancers. This supplement is also seen to help with hot flashes, since a majority of women saw a decrease in this menopause symptom.

Black Cohosh is an oft used alternative to HRT and is known to help with a number of menopause symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, depression and anxiety.

However it has been seen that this is a remedy that is more effective for women who are undergoing natural menopause as compared to those who have had a surgical menopause.

Theanine is also recommended to lower stress that is one of the associated problems of menopause and is one of the good menopause natural remedies. Milk thistle is another herbal supplement that is known to help deal with hormonal imbalances and ease the functioning of the liver.


Supplements of certain nutrients such as Vitamin E are seen to ease symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. Calcium, particularly microcrystalline calcium hydroxyapetite calcium and magnesium (to aid calcium absorption) supplements are also know to be effective menopause natural remedies. It can be painful enough to deal with these unwanted symptoms, and obtaining the proper supplements online can serve to alleviate your stress. It is not at all difficult to order your prescriptions online, and having a helpful supplement like Vitamin E arrive directly to your home means that you have one less thing to worry about. Nobody deserves hot flashes and night sweats, and it only takes a few minutes online to have a constant supply of this supplement arriving at your door. There is simply no reason to bother picking up the medication in person when you can have it instantly and efficiently.

Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidus

A remedy that we don’t normally associate with menopause, which however, can help manage the symptoms is this naturally occurring gut bacteria. Increasing the culture of these good bacteria in the intestine is one of the effective menopause natural remedies, since it helps combat yeast infections.

Make dietary changes

Increase the proportion of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as low fat dairy products in the diet. Reduce the amount of commercially raised meat as well as refined, processed and sugary foods and beverages. Increase the amount of phytoestrogens that you consume, by having more of whole grains, tofu, nuts, and brown rice.


Being active and alert, getting daily exercise that is not only physical but also mental; can be one of the most effective of menopause natural remedies. Daily physical exercise for at least half an hour can help to reduce bone density loss and reduce chances of cancer and heart disease.

Mental exercise such as solving puzzles, reading, learning a new skill or a language, being active socially and continuing to live a rich and varied life can also act as one among menopause natural remedies.

Women find that challenging themselves mentally can help to counter the forgetfulness and the foggy spells that menopause can bring about.