It is not unusual to feel scared, helpless and emotional about the advent of menopause in your life. For many women menopause marks the end not only of her reproductive life, it also marks the end of her youth.

And this is not unnatural. In a society that reveres youth and beauty and consigns seniors to the has-been category, it is natural to feel sad and bereft at this perceived passing of one’s youth and vitality.

But rather than looking upon menopause as an end, look upon it as a beginning. It is the beginning of a life without responsibility for birth control, a time to be liberated and to be truly spontaneous for the first time in your life.

For many women, this is a stage in life that will also coincide with the time that children grow up and forge their own life; leaving a woman truly free to pursue her own goals in life possibly for the first time since adulthood!

For many women, menopause also coincides with retirement from work and therefore a cessation of work pressure and stress and no longer having to do the difficult job of juggling home as well as work. You can truly give thought to what you really want to do in life, rather than having to put others first.

So when you think about it, menopause can really be viewed as an opportunity to begin life anew, and to view the future full of hope and an expectation of happiness.

Don’t let menopause defeat you; use that most powerful of things in the world, your mind, to defeat menopause instead!