Hot flashes can be the bane of the life of a menopausal woman and now it would seem that there may be a clear (if not simple) solution in sight. According to a new study, losing weight could help women with hot flashes, one of the symptoms of menopause.

menopausal womanIn the United States, an estimated 2 out of every 3 women undergoing menopause suffer hot flashes – among those that do suffer hot flashes, the heavier women experience more acute and frequent hot flashes, researchers have noted.

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco found that a program to encourage women to lose weight by eating right and exercising helped to improve their hot flashes significantly, when compared to other women who were not in such a program.

The women who were part of the program were subjected to educational sessions on health and weight loss. In addition to this, they were given meal plans and coupons for weight loss products as part of the program. They were also told to record on a daily basis, the amount of exercise they did.

So weight loss may be a direct and useful way for women to get their hot flashes under control without medication or treatment – though weight loss is never an easy process – and menopausal women may find weight loss to be even more difficult.