Menopause affects your appearance – yes it’s the truth but there is more to this. Menopause comes with various symptoms that affect your physical appearance like thinning hair, wrinkled face, and others. Nutritious food, lifestyle changes and few other measures would help you to look the best even at menopause.

Do things that you like, pamper yourself and gear up for a healthy and positive outlook towards life and believe that you are still beautiful and young – thus with these few initiatives you can look beautiful even after menopause. Here are some simple tips that would make you look good and feel good even during this stage of life.

look good and feel fantastic after menopauseLifestyle Changes

To look beautiful after menopause; you need to look after your hair care routine, skin care routine and many other things.

Hair Care

During menopause, many hormonal changes take place inside your body and due to that many women experience hair loss. So take care of your lovely locks and you might even consider going to a good hairdresser for that and there is no harm is shelling out a few extra bucks. This definitely would boost your confidence. Use quality products and eat a healthy diet to take care of your hair.


Hormonal changes can also affect your skin and your skin can become dry and itchy. Use good skincare products and you can also go for aromatherapy once a week to pamper your skin and retain its shine and glow. It is best to avoid products that contain chemicals and go for natural and herbal skincare products. You can also use makeup to look good.

Dental Care

Take care of your oral health as well. Brush at least twice a day and do not forget to use a mouth wash to get rid of bad breath. Floss as well to remove any food particles stuck in between your teeth.

Dress Well

Wear dresses that make you look good and you can even try out things that you normally do not wear. But being yourself is most important.

Pamper Yourself

Go to spa and get a massage done. A regular massage would not only make you look good but also make you feel good. Go for facial and other stuffs that make your happy.

Nutritional Changes

Nutrition is possibly the best way to adjust to your menopausal symptoms and you can do the following for that:

  • Have small meals at regular intervals that will aid your digestion and avoid junk foods and foods that contain too much of sugar.
  • Complex carbohydrates are good for you and hence include whole meal bread, rice and/or pasta.
  • Do not skip your breakfast.
  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.


Physical exercise is important for all people at all ages – especially after menopause. Yoga is the best way to exercise during menopause. This would ensure that you are fit and would also facilitate bowel movement and help in cleaning the toxic waste from your body. You can also go for walks, learn dancing, play with the children of your family and even go for bike rides.