Increasing age of the human body makes itself felt in many different ways; all the organs of our body age and the brain actually starts to age while we are still in our 20’s!

Memory loss is actually one of the symptoms of menopause and can be disconcerting and upsetting for the woman who undergoes it.

When it comes to the brain, it is very much a case of ‘Use it, lest you lose it!’

So it is important to constantly stretch your mind to challenge your mental faculties so that you keep your brain in the best possible

As you exercise your body to keep it fit, so must you exercise your brain to keep in good working order.

Solve Puzzles and Crosswords: This is a fun way of challenging your brain and has its own reward when you are able to crack a Sudoku grid or a particularly difficult cryptic crossword.

Solving anagrams or Scrabble is another great way to exercise the mind. Scrabble is an excellent game to play with friends, failing which you could get one of those that can be played on the computer by choosing the opponent having the expertise level you require.

Crosswords and scrabble strengthen your vocabulary and also minimize those tip-of-my-tongue episodes when you search in vain for that exact word that simply eludes you.

Take Quizzes, Vocabulary tests: This is going to make you think and test your memory and make alert about what you know and how much you can remember.

An interest in quizzes and improving one’s vocabulary makes one more conscious of current affairs and also makes one more alert to word usage, and nuances of language.

Read: The more you read the more you increase the sum of your knowledge. Read for pleasure, read to pass the time, read to learn, read to remain alert and aware.

There are so many reasons why you should read; so many reasons why it is good for you that you should read everything, from the newspaper to magazines to novels to nonfiction to self help books.

Reading is a more involving and less passive activity than, say, watching TV and so if you have to choose between the movie and the book, pick the latter!

Find your own particular or entertaining ways of keeping your mind in good working order; just remember to use it, lest you lose it.


  1. Thanks for the great tips on your posting. I don’t like to read, so your last tip to “READ” is very inspiring for me. I had early menopause at 40.

  2. The menopause is a very confusing time and it is nice to know a blog like this where we can ask questions and answer other ladies problems. Thanks

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