A little while ago a team of researchers performed a study regarding the effects of vitamin D and calcium supplements on menopausal women. According to their findings, these supplements did not make the joint problems better in case of the participants of the controlled study.

Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements

Both Positive and Negative Results

The truth is that the study came up with combined results. Some of the observational studies managed to link vitamin D and osteoarthritis, but the results of the extended random studies have been inconclusive.

The main goal of the researchers has been to address the question regarding the effects of the vitamin D and calcium supplements on postmenopausal women. In fact they wanted to find out whether the joint pain got any better while taking the recommended dosages.

The Importance of the Study

This has been the first completely randomized study that addressed this issue. The research was conducted on study group of almost 1,200 postmenopausal women. Some of them received daily dosages of vitamin D and calcium while the others received a placebo.

Qualitative Results

Upon the starting point of the study women had to fill out a questionnaire regarding the symptoms that they had. They received the same questionnaire after two years. About 70% of all the participants experienced swelling and noticeable joint pain. At the end of the study the questionnaires revealed that there was no significant change in the state off the participants.

Other Factors

In order to gain more understanding about the phenomenon, the researchers also included in their study other factors, such as BMI, age, non-protocol vitamin D and calcium supplement use, physical activity, hormone therapy, and race or ethnicity. We have to add that the women who were taking non-protocol supplements seem to have had less discomfort.

Is Calcium Better than Vitamin D?

The truth is that there is no way of knowing which one of these supplements is better for women because the participants received them both in only one pill.


The researchers are aware of the fact that joint pain and swelling is a common symptom of postmenopausal women. Although they are commonly prescribed, vitamin D and calcium supplements do not make the symptoms significantly better which means that statistically there is no improvement. We also have to add that it is difficult to quantify pain, so the results mat seem to be quite subjective, based on how each individual perceives pain or how high their pain threshold is.