Menopause is the stage in your life when you won’t get your periods.

This is because your ovaries stop releasing eggs for fertilization and eventually your menstrual cycle also stops.

Hot flashes are considered as one of the main symptoms of menopause.

During menopause, your body produces fewer amounts of progesterone and estrogens which results to thermostat in your brain that means brain gets mixed signals.

Is it cold or hot? Your brain will oscillate between these two states.

Due to these oscillations, the blood vessels contracts and expands in an unpredictable way. As a result, there will be an increase in the flow of blood which leads to a feeling of warmth on the face, then to neck and then slowly up to chest.Menopause

How warmer a menopause hot flash will be?

Hot flashes vary from woman to woman, for some of you it can be mild and moderate and for the others it can be severe. Around 10-15% of women suffer from severe hot flashes. Recent study has provided that 50-70%of women taking tamofoxin usually suffer from menopause hot flashes.

Hot flashes are common if you have reached menopause state at early stages and also for the women suffering from breast cancer.

How to cool menopause hot flashes?

There are certain ways to get rid of hot flashes during your menopause. Natural remedies can treat you in a better way than any other medications. Here are the tips to cool menopause hot flashes.

  • Keep a neat record of how long hot flashes occur and when they will occur. Some foods are responsible for getting hot sweats, so avoid such stuff.
  • Always prefer cotton clothes and try to wear in layers.
  • Take care of your diet. Include soy products in your diet, as these have been proved to reduce hot flashes in women.
  • Drink lots of water and juices. Increase the intake of water than the usual.
  • Anti-depressants and antihypertensives can also cause hot flashes, so just try to avoid them.
  • Avoid smoking, taking alcohol or any other hot drinks before going to bed.
  • When ever you feel stressed out in your daily work just take a break for an hour and do some other activities which can give some relaxation to your body.
  • Learn yoga, meditation and listen to some music when you feel more stress.
  • Daily spend some time for exercises. Go for aerobic classes and increase your time in physical activity.
  • Practice paced respiration (slow and deep abdominal breathing). Take deep breath inside for five minutes with your muscles in stomach out and exhale for five minutes with your muscles in stomach in. Practice this daily for at least 15 minutes.

By following these necessary steps you can chill your menopause hot flashes and can feel relaxed.