Menopause cycles or periods are part and parcel of the life of every female. They not only causes anxiousness, treble pains but there aftereffects also includes weight gain. A substitution term granted to weight gain after menstruation is ‘menopot’, because of the pot belly that gets developed after cycles.

how to beat weight gain during menopause

A hormone called the estrogen is said to be controlling the flow of the periods. This hormone gets reduced after the menopause cycle. It was found that lower level of estrogen tends females to eat more and gain weight. The other reason for the same is lower level of metabolism after menopause. The following steps can be followed for beating the weight gain after the periods:-

1. Exercising 5-6 days a week

Body workouts are answer to all types of weight gain. Women aging 45-50years believes in a myths that the extra pouches of the body weight which is gained after the menopause cycles can never be removed. However, with the right type of exercises and workouts, one can easily have a control over the same. Working out a minimum of 5-6 times a week for a duration of 35-40minutes helps in sorting out with this problem.

2. Watch your diet

With the required exercise, it is equally important to keep a strict watch on what you eat as it is the key to obstruct the path of increasing weight after the menopause. Avoiding food such as potato, rice or bread helps in doing so. It is a fact that should be understood by women that after their menopause cycles they have lesser amount of estrogen hormones that use to control their weight before. Unhealthy and excessive eating will act as an addition to that already uncontrolled weight in the body.

3. Prefer Vitamin D and Sunlight

Recent researchers have discovered that eating food rich in vitamin D such as Fish oil etc, helps in maintaining the post menstruation weight. One can also take the help of the sunlight for the same. Staying outdoors in sun helps your body attains the required amount of Vitamin D in your body. However, it is advisable to consume only required amount of sunlight that should not cause burns.

4. Eating low carbohydrates food

It is advisable to eat foods that are low in carbohydrates, avoiding foods such as potato, rice, pastas, etc helps in maintaining the weight after the menopause. It helps in obstructing the growth of the menopot.

5. Taking required rest

Sleep is essential factor after the menopause. One should take the required amount of sleep to avoid gaining the body weight. Insufficient body rest is also a major factor leading to menopot.

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