Suffering from menopause symptoms? Searching for a cure other than conventional treatments?

Then you can find number of herbs for menopause treatment. These herbs help in relieving from the symptoms of menopause like anxiety, hot flashes and depression.

Most of you believe that herbs for menopause give you a great relief because they increase the levels of estrogen in your body and also reduce the severity of most common symptoms of menopause.

Two types of herbs for menopause are being in use by most of the people, one is estrogenic herbs and the other is non-estrogenic herbs. Both herbs improve your overall health by relieving from the severe symptoms.Herbs For Menopause

Here are the most common herbs for menopause treatment:

Black Cohosh: This is one of the most common herbs for menopause. This herb contains phytochemicals that usually relieve from the symptoms. Isoflavones in the black cohosh helps in binding the estrogen receptors in your body.

This plant estrogen works similar to the natural estrogen which helps you in regulating your body temperature, producing lubrication in your body and strengthening your bones. Black cohosh positively effects hypothalamus in your brain, which again helps in regulating your body temperature and producing the hormones.

Benefits of black cohosh:

  • Reduces the symptoms of menopause like anxiety, night sweats and depression
  • Great relief from hot flashes that most of the women suffer from
  • Reduces the luteinizing hormone in your body, which is the cause of extreme temperatures

According to the study, 80% of the women who took black cohosh observe a great improvement in their sweating, heart palpitations and hot flashes.

Dong Quai: In some countries, this herb is used for relieving anemia, painful menstruation and abdominal pain. This is one of the foremost herbs for menopause symptoms. Don Quai consists of phytoestrogens that help in binding the estrogen receptors in your body so that the estrogen levels will increase.

The increased estrogen level helps in reducing most of the menopause symptoms. Also, this herb contains the vitamins like Vitamin A, B12 and E.

Benefits of Dong Quai:

  • Dilation of your blood vessels thus increasing the flow of blood
  • Relives from hot flashes and vaginal dryness
  • Regulates the estrogen levels in your body
  • Reduces mood swings and stress associated with menopause

Maca Root: Maca Root looks like radish. This acts as an aphrodisiac and most of you prefer to use this for sexual benefits.

Basically this herb does not consist of plant estrogens; instead, it has adaptogen. Adaptogens help in balancing your body’s hormone system and also increases the production of hormones. This herb contains good amounts of magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and also vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E.

Benefits of maca root:

  • Encourages the production of estrogen and balance its levels with progesterone
  • Reduces vaginal dryness and hot flashes
  • Increases libido and increases sex drive that you lost during menopause
  • Decreases the effects of osteoporosis and memory loss

Red Clover: This is one of the herbs for menopause which is a great source of phytoestrogen. This increases the levels of estrogen in your body thus reducing the symptoms of menopause. This is a great source of minerals and vitamins like magnesium, calcium, potassium, calcium, niacin and Vitamin C.

Benefits of red clover:

  • Reduces the symptoms like mood swings and hot flashes
  • Helps in reducing osteoporosis
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Increases the amounts of good cholesterol
  • Reduces heart disease in women with menopause

Vitex: Vitex has hormone regulating feature. Often it is used to treat hot flashes, depression and vaginal dryness. This herb acts on hypothalamus and pituitary and regulates the levels of progesterone. Vitex product relieves you from bloating, fluid retention, fatigue, headache and breast tenderness.

Safety of herbs for menopause:

Problems from herbs for menopause are usually rare. The most common reactions to these herbs for menopause include some simple allergic conditions and upset stomach.

The above herbs for menopause are effective in treating the symptoms. But before going to use these herbs, better consult your health care provider.


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