Menopause is a part of life of every lady and this takes place when the monthly period tends to stop or when the hormone goes through changes, which are related to menopause hormone pattern. Usually when women go through this stage, they would usually not know as to how it works. It is necessary to know the various phases involved in menopause before you actually reach this stage. This is basically to know and identify the various stages involved in it.

different phases of menopausePre-menopause stage

In this stage, the body shows signs of a little distress. It may go on for many years and during this stage, it is require that you visit your doctor. Once it has been confirmed that you are actually going on through this stage, it gets easy for you to face the further stages.

Perimenopause stage

This is such a stage, wherein the hormones act out of the rule. It is a stage wherein the estrogen hormones tend to go down and gets weak. During this stage, you would feel cold or hot, anytime during the day. You would also be exposed to a lot of problems during this stage such as night sweats, fever, allergies, depression and various others.


This is such a stage, wherein, the period stops completely. If you do not get your periods for a year’s time, then it means that you have reached the stage of menopause. This clearly means that the reproduction system will not be able to produce ovaries any further.

The hormones will become low at this time and women might be exposed to various problems like night sweats, fever etc. and this will keep continuing at this stage. Some symptoms might get worse and a few symptoms might disappear all of a sudden. You might also be exposed with some new symptom as well. It will also result in low sex drive and hence, most of the times, people visit doctor during this stage.

Post Menopause

Once women have reached this stage, there are no chances that they would get pregnant. The monthly periods would also disappear once this stage has been reached. As the ovaries stop functioning, the body hormones would start changing.

The hormones would always be present in the body, however, they are required to be applied externally by various other ways so that you encourage them to grow. During this stage, you might put on weight and you might also be exposed to various hormone related problems. To stay active and healthy at this stage, it is required that you follow a healthy diet. Osteoporosis is a disease that is caused during this stage and calcium intake will help in fighting the disease.

Menopause is something that is unavoidable and hence, you need to be prepared for all the stages relating to it in advance and make sure you are healthy. It is essential that you keep everything in control as it will definitely bring in a lot of difference to your body and mind.

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