A lot of females who are going through the phase of menopause may experience tenderness of the breasts.  If this issue is taken lightly and not given much attention, it can cause a lot of trouble and get much worse as well.  It is very important to understand what exactly breast tenderness during menopause is, how it is caused and how can it be reduced. To help you out with this, we have given the following information.

Breast Tenderness facts during menopause

What is Breast Tenderness during Menopause?

Breast tenderness can be defined as painful, sore and discomforting breasts during menopause.  Often, breast tenderness is accompanied with swelling but the extent of it may vary from woman to woman.   It is important to identify the symptoms of breast tenderness during menopause.


  • Soreness of breasts
  • Pain in the breasts
  • A certain level of discomfort in breasts
  • Swelling in one or both the breasts, causing further pain

What causes Breast Tenderness during Menopause?

Tenderness of breasts during the time of menopause can be caused due to several factors.  But the main cause of this problem is imbalance in the estrogen hormones which is caused when a female is going through menopause.  What happens is that the estrogen level may shoot up or reduce down many number of times during menopause. Due to this, the breasts slightly grow in size which causes pain and discomfort.

How to treat Breast Tenderness during Menopause?

To treat a problem, knowing its cause is the most important thing. Since we know that here the culprit is the unbalanced estrogen hormone level, it is important to balance it.  For this, the following can be considered:

  • The first step is to give your body all the help it needs to keep the levels of hormones balanced.
  • To keep hormone levels balances, a woman must concentrate upon her nutrition and incorporate all the foods which are important to keep nutrition level up.
  • Another way to treat the unbalanced hormone level is to go for alternative medicine.
  • Making simple lifestyle changes has also shown to treat the problem of breast tenderness by addressing the issue of hormone imbalance.
  • Smoking has an adverse effect on the health of all those who are going through menopause and hence to reduce its symptoms like breast tenderness, one must stop or reduce smoking. What smoking does is that it prevents your body from adjusting to the hormonal changes and thus can reduce tenderness.
  • If you have painful breasts during menopause, then one way to stop it is to avoid having coffee as it contains caffeine which has an unwanted effect on the breasts.  Caffeine in the coffee tends to dilate the blood vessels of the breasts and other parts, thus leading to pain and swelling.
  • Wear properly fitted bras and make sure you avoid wearing tight fitted ones as these may further add to your woes of pain and discomfort of breasts during menopause. If possible, buy new bras according to your changed breast size. For this, get measured regularly.

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