Both heart diseases and cerebral strokes become more probable after the menopause according to Daily Mail. Somehow the risk decreases if the women reaching menopause experience the unpleasant hot flashes. The researchers from Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital have discovered this while monitoring female volunteers for longer than 10 years.

menopause hot flashesAlthough the link is completely unexplainable, it was discovered that in the case of the women who are experiencing the hot flashes from the beginning of the menopause the cardiovascular events happen very late in life or not at all.

Women complaining about the hot flashes at menopause should be also aware that these are cutting in half the risk of breast cancer later in life.

American scientists have discovered that the presence of hot flashes is rather benefic for the body. If they happen often and become close to unbearable because of the lack of comfort, the risk for the women experiencing them to get breast cancer is downsized considerably.

The researchers from Washington University have discovered that the same hormonal deficiency causing these severe signs of menopause is responsible for reducing the chances for tumors to appear.

It is estimated that the women complaining from hot flashes and experiencing them few times a day, have around 40% less Estradiol – a compound of the estrogen hormone – inside their bodies. The Estradiol is known to be a very important player in causing certain types of breast cancer.

So far the theory was that the women who start the menstruation later in life, have several children which they nurse or enter the menopause very early in life, have a low risk of getting breast cancer.

It seems that science may add to the list this recent discovery as soon as the studies will be conclusive in this matter. A report published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention stated however that the hormonal changes during menopause and their effects have yet to be discovered.