If a young woman would like to know when she is likely to hit menopause, either because she wants to plan a career and family or for any other reasons, a new blood test is now holding out hope – it may be possible to predict the age of menopause using just a blood test.

It is being claimed that it may be possible to predict the age of menopause for a woman, even as young as age 20.

blood testThe blood test that claims to predict menopause determines the level of the anti-Mullerian Hormone in the blood, which is made by cells in a woman’s ovaries. The margin of error for the test is said to be about four years.

According to study author Fahimeh Ramezani Tehrani, a statistical model for estimating the age at menopause from a single measurement of AMH concentration in serum from blood samples has been developed to predict menopause.

So perhaps soon it may become possible for women to have greater clarity about their reproductive health and life so that they can base important life decisions on this.

So perhaps it won’t be necessary to tune in and listen that intently to that biological clock ticking away; a simple blood test may give you better answers!