Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which is also referred to as Hormone Therapy (HR) is a treatment in which a female is given medication consisting of progesterone and oestrogen. HRT is given to women who have been experiencing problems in dealing with the emotional and physical changes and symptoms while undergoing menopause.

hormone replacement therapy in menopause

HRT is considered to be a great way to treat the menopause symptoms and is effective in reducing hot flashes, insomnia, joint ache, night sweats, vaginal dryness and even pain in the muscles etc. There are many benefits of hormone replacement therapy in menopause and the following are the few main ones:

  • Reduce Symptoms of Menopause

The most important and major benefit or advantage of taking the Hormone replacement therapy is the reduction and minimization of symptoms or effects of menopause. Females who take this treatment claim to experience less hot flashes, reduction in insomnia, lesser night sweat episodes and reduction in vaginal dryness too.  Hence for those women who are experiencing a lot of difficulty in coping up with the changes due to menopause, HRT is a verified and effective treatment.

  • Osteoporosis

Apart from its most obvious benefit, Hormone replacement therapy has several other positive impacts as well.  It can help in preventing the osteoporosis related fractures in females. Many studies have shown that addition of the hormones may prevent one from suffering from this condition. But the point to note here is that this protection won’t continue 5 years after HRT treatment.

  • Coronary Disease

It has been proved and shown that oestrogen-only hormone replacement therapy can help to reduce the chances of suffering from a heart disease.  Many women who took HRT reported less cases of Coronary diseases or complications as compared to those who didn’t go for Hormone therapy.  But the important thing to note is that those women who took HRT after the age of 60 actually showed increased risks of coronary diseases.

  • Dementia

Some studies have shown that taking oestrogen only HRT may either delay or atleast prevent the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  But having said that, one must know that only a few studies have proved this and the evidence remains conclusive and rather slim.

Before going for Hormone replacement therapy, a woman must always consult from more than one doctor and understand whether or not the treatment will suit her.  This treatment may have certain negative side effects too which cannot be ignored.

photo credit: (www.allaboutyou.com)