When you reach menopause, you can experience various changes in your body and the symptoms associated with menopause can disturb your routine lifestyle.

Many alternative approaches are available to manage menopause symptoms.

Alternative approaches for menopause

Using phytoestrogens: These are the substances that occur naturally in certain foods. Basically phytoestrogens are classified into two types, isoflavones and lignans.

It has been shown that women who include these particular types of phytoestrogens in their regular diet report very few signs of menopause.

Black cohosh: This particular herb is widely used by many women in Europe to treat menopause hot flashes. Even, it is believed that black cohosh has very good safety record and it is absolutely safe to use for managing signs of menopause.

Supplements of Vitamin E: Even though it cannot be guaranteed that vitamin E is helpful to manage menopause symptoms, it can occasionally give better relief for mild menopause hot flashes. However, no scientific study has proven that Vitamin E supplements are safe and effective to treat menopause symptoms.

It would be better for you to consult your personal health care provider before your start using alternative approaches to manage menopause symptoms.


  1. I just an article about how the herbal remedies used for menopause can also treat PMS, so it seems that women of all ages can benefit from this wisdom. Here’s another article I just read about WHY “phytotherapy” — herbal remedies — work so effectively in the body.

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