For every woman between the ages of 45 to 55, menopause is a stage that must be confronted with an open heart and an open mind.

Pre-menopause symptoms for women may vary but these usually last during the whole menopause transition.

pre meonpause symptomsPremenopause is a normal condition and must not be viewed as an illness. Women who are aware of these pre-menopause symptoms are able to wholeheartedly welcome this stage in their lives and deal with it positively.

  1. Hot flashes: About 80% of women have experienced this most common of all pre-menopause symptoms. Hot flashes usually take place whenever there is a sudden warmth or heat affecting the entire body. The redness is usually manifested in the neck and face areas. These pre-menopause symptoms happen because of a sudden stop in the production of estrogen in the ovaries.
  2. Night sweats: Known in medical parlance as “nocturnal hyperhydrosis”, night sweats are another pre-menopause symptoms. They are more intense than hot flashes wherein women get intense perspiration while they are at sleep.
  3. Menstrual irregularity: One of the most common pre-menopause symptoms is menstrual irregularity. This is common if a woman has reached the age of forty and above and is approaching menopause. The irregularity in the menstrual cycle can be attributed to hormonal imbalance because of low estrogen production.
  4. Loss of libido: Estrogen plays a very important role in a woman’s sexual drive. Whenever the ovaries can no longer produce these hormones due to menopause, loss of libido becomes a problem. Of all the pre-menopause symptoms, this is what women fear the most.
  5. Vaginal dryness: As one of the pre-menopause symptoms, vaginal dryness results to dryness or lack of moist in the vaginal area. Oftentimes, this is associated with itching and dryness.Sex becomes uncomfortable because the vagina is no longer elastic due to lack of estrogen. Women feel that among the most common pre-menopause symptoms, vaginal dryness is very unpleasant.
  6. Mood swings: Mixed emotions are what women dealing with pre-menopause symptoms often feel. In fact, it is a symptom in itself. Most women say that they have difficulty in controlling their emotions. Sometimes, this can also be attributed to other pre-menopause symptoms such as lack of sleep and hot flashes which can cause the women some discomfort.
  7. Sleep disorders: Studies show that some women during the pre-menopusal stage experience sleeping disorders. This disorder can even happen five years before the woman has reached her menopause. The sleeping disorder is to be viewed as a symptom which is entirely different from night sweats.
  8. Incontinence: Being unable to have bladder control is a problem some women have to deal with during pre-menopause. This is very embarassing because a woman is unable to control her urination especially when sneezing, coughing or laughing.

Pre-menopause symptoms are different for every woman. Others even claimed that they went through their menopause not dealing with any symptoms, whereas there are also those who went through an ordeal of hot flashes and night sweats. Regardless of these, women have to understand that everything is about nature taking its own course.


  1. Since the dangers of hormone replacement therapy were shown in 2002 during a study conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative, this left a huge void for treating the signs of menopause. Do you know what other forms of treatment are available other than dubious “natural home remedies”? Any help would be appreciated.

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