Have you entered into your 30’s? Then menopause can strike your life at any time.

Menopause is inevitable, but following simple things can help to combat the symptoms.

Tips for menopause relief

1. Avoid hot flashes without hormonal therapy

Women who follow a small workout regimen are at an increased risk of menopausal symptoms. If you do not generally exercise, it is time to start your new workout regimen. Brisk walking will greatly help to boost your metabolic rate.omega 3 fish oil

Make sure room temperatures don’t exceed 20 degrees to reduce the chances of the menopausal hot flash. Stop drinking alcohol and caffeine that make you feel even better.

Eat foods high in vitamin E and soya products and take supplements for evening primrose oil. If stress is your main cause of hot flashes, try relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing.

2. Avoiding inevitable weight gain

Follow the basics for a balanced healthy diet. As you age, calorie consumption should be in limited quantities. For example, in your 40’s, you need 250 calories less than the usual consumption.

You can easily achieve this by simply cutting down the snacks and getting rid of refined foods. Eat as many natural products as possible. Take some supplements such as omega 3 fish oil to help with the skin and protect your body’s vital organs.

3. Vitamin D and calcium for your bone health

Bone loss is common during menopausal stage. So, adequate levels of calcium and vitamin D reduce the incidence of osteoporosis.

Also, calcium is helpful in various other non-skeletal disorders such as obesity, high blood pressure, kidney stones and colorectal cancer. A menopausal woman should get at least 1,200 mg of calcium a day.

4. Avoiding mood swings

To get rid of menopausal mood swings, avoid high starch and high sugar diets and go with the natural ones. You can also use natural mood lifters and body tonics.

Gingko Bilboa and Ginseng are greatly helpful for mood swings and act as anti-aging supplements.

5. Avoiding sleep problems

Insomnia is another menopausal symptom, so make sure you get into a routine. Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every night. Don’t consume alcohol to go to sleep and don’t drink caffeine before going to bed.

6. Coping with vaginal dryness

A drop in estrogen levels causes a great decline in the vagina’s natural lubricants, which lead to itching and dryness at the vaginal area. Due to this, you will notice severe pain during intercourse.

Before intercourse, apply vitamin E oil, wheatgerm oil and cocoa butter in the vaginal area. If you don’t get help from these remedies, talk to your doctor about estrogen vaginal cream.


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