There are a lot of reasons for which different celebrities have become vegans. Sometimes their decision had something to do with animal cruelty, while in other cases they considered the health advantages. No matter what their reason may be, there are more and more people opting for this lifestyle.

Ladies Became Vegan

Natalie Portman

It is interesting to find out that the actress has been a vegetarian since her childhood, but in 2009 she turned vegan as a result of a book she read. The actress doesn’t eat food coming from animals and also she doesn’t wear fur, leather or feathers. Even more, she launched her own footwear line according to her beliefs.

When she got pregnant she gave up her vegan lifestyle and she returned to being vegetarian because she felt like that was more suitable for her. She thought that she needed eggs for their nutritional value.

Olivia Wilde

According to official information she chose to become a vegan in order not to support animal cruelty. She says that since she adopted it she seems to be happier and she also has more energy than before.

Lea Michelle

It is just natural that she became a vegan because she loves animals. She has taken part in numerous campaigns regarding animal cruelty. There is a joke on her being vegan in the show that she played in. The girls of a rival club threw eggs at her and said that the souls of the egg fetuses are on her conscience.

Alicia Silverstone

She has been a vegan for over a decade now, and maybe she is one of the most famous vegan people of the world. Back in 2009 she released a book on vegan diet that soon after release has become a top seller.

She and her husband live in an eco-friendly home that comes with solar panels and also has an organic vegetable garden.

Demi Moore

There are a lot of things that you may know about the life of the actress, but it is possible you didn’t know that she is a devoted vegan. As in many other cases, she was concerned about animal cruelty, but probably she also had in mind the beauty advantages of the new lifestyle.

There are a lot of celebrities with lifestyles of this kind and maybe you should give it a shot too. Naturally this doesn’t mean that you have to become a vegan for life.

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