Losing weight is that one major thing that is on the minds of most people around the world. While some wish to lose weight to get into shape, others might want to shed off the pounds to look good and feel healthy. They say there is no short cut to good health and weight loss but by following a combination of a proper diet routine, some exercising and a lot of motivation.

There are a lot of quick and easy to make recipes which can help you to lose weight and that too in a healthy way. It is important to eat a lot of protein, a high fiber diet and many healthy carbohydrates. These can help to boost the metabolism and keep you feel full all day long. The following are some of the quick and easy diets for you to lose weight:

Broccoli and Feta Omelet with Toast

broccoli and feta omelet with toastWhen it comes to breakfast, it is important to have a diet which is very filling yet extremely nutritious. It takes hardly 15 minutes to make this dish and packs a decent punch that leaves you full of energy and satisfaction. The broccoli fills you up with fiber and the eggs load you in with protein. The recipe does not add to your weight and infact helps you to lose it.

Chocolate Dipped Banana Bites

Another amazing recipe which can help you to lose weight but doesn’t make you compromise on eating healthy. To make this diet, you hardly need to do any hardwork and spent hardly a few minutes. This recipe is a good source of resistant starch which is a type of a healthy carbohydrate that helps you burn more calories and makes you feel full fast.

Honey Grapefruit with Banana

honey grapefruit with bananaIf you have been trying to trim down for a while but haven’t been successful then one of the recipes that you can try is honey grapefruit with banana. This is a perfect item for breakfast or brunch and tastes good as well. Grapefruit is one of the best foods for weight loss because it has a certain effect on insulin and also because it is deceptively filling. This is true because grapefruit contains a lot of water which tends to fill one up fast.

Grilled Chicken Cutlets with Summer Succotash

This is a dish which takes you just about 5 minutes to prepare and can help you burn a large number of calories as well. It helps you slim down faster and is easy to make as well.

White Bean and Herb Hummus with Crudités

This is a highly fiber rich food which takes about 5 minutes to prepare and needs lemon, olive oil, chives and white beans to prepare. This recipe contains a lot of resistant starch which again helps to burn fat and lose weight faster.

Turkey Burgers

turkey burgersThis dish can be eaten both in lunch and dinner and is an excellent source of protein and amino acids.