If you’ve lost a lot of weight, good for you! You are likely to be saddled with a lot of rather unattractive loose skin along with this weight loss, which can make you self-conscious about showing off that newly slim body.

Why does the problem of sagging skin after weight loss happen and what can you do about it?

1. Don’t gain or lose weight too quickly

Losing weight too quickly is the main reason why your skin can get saggy and loose. If you had gained your weight very rapidly this could also affect your skin’s elasticity. So rather than unhealthy crash diets that will make you lose weight too quickly, opt for slow and healthy weight loss. This will let the skin retain its shape better.

Just losing weight is not going to make sense if it is unhealthy weight loss. Thin limbs with poor muscle tone are not very attractive.

If however you add some resistance or weight training to your weight loss routine, you will build lean muscle.

This lean muscle underlying your skin will prevent that unattractive sagging of the skin.


3. Lose weight while you’re still young

There are two main things that impact what our skin looks like and how it behaves – our age and our genes.

Both are not controllable factors. But what you can do is try to get to a healthy weight while you’re still relatively young, and while your skin still has the sort of elasticity to get back its shape even after weight loss.

4. Try skin care treatments

There are many skin care treatments that could help to varying degrees: collagen treatments could work to an extent. You could also try skin wraps such as a seaweed wrap. Skin scrubs or dry brushing skin may also help somewhat.

5. Try massage therapy

This could help tighten and tone the skin by increasing the blood supply to the skin’s surface.

6. Consume nutrients for the skin

Eat a healthy and nutrient rich diet full of fruits and vegetables, and if necessary use a multivitamin to restore health to your skin. Also remember to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated to help it regain its lost suppleness.

7. If all else fails, consider surgery

Those who have lost a lot of weight may be left with large amounts of sagging that may not resolve any other way. Here, surgery to tuck the loose flaps of skin out of the way may have to be considered.
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