Can having certain types of food lead to burning of fat? Yes, apparently they can! However, not a lot of people have time to follow an elaborate recipe which burns fat. If you are one of them, do not worry, for there are quick and easy fat burning recipes too. For your convenience, some of such recipes are shared below, which are easy to make and actually burns fat, and are tasty to eat.


5 fat burning easy Recipes

Here are some quick and easy recipes for fat burning foods. Even though they help you to reduce fat, there is no compromise in the taste part.

  1. Tartine with blackberry and thyme salad– If it is the season of the berries, you can make thyme and blackberry salad with Tartine for breakfast. In a bowl mix blackberry, thyme, sugar, lemon and kosher salt. Then cut sourdough baguette into pieces, put a bit of butter and then add some salad on top. You can also have yoghurt with it. This is a good breakfast recipe to go with.
  2. Spiced green tea smoothie– In the summer smoothies can be a very good option. You can make some green tea smoothie, because green tea is well known for its fat burning potential. All you have to do is put strong, chilled green tea, some fat free yoghurt, a bit of cayenne pepper, a bit of lime juice, a little bit of agave nectar, a small pear with skin and a few ice cubes in the blender and mix well. Your smoothie is ready.
  3. Tuna and white bean Crostino- You will need a boiler for this. Pre heat the boiler, and mix tuna, with white beans, olive oil, a bit of lemon juice, some fresh parsley chopped, and some salt and pepper. Put some whole wheat bread in boiler pour sheets, and pour the salad on top. You can add a bit of Fontina cheese, and boil the Crostino till it turns golden.
  4. Broccoli and Feta omelet- This is another easy recipe where you heat a skillet and put some cooking spray on it. Then add the broccoli and cook for a few minutes. Take a bowl and mix egg with feta and dill, then pour the mixture on the pan over the broccoli and fry till the omelet turns golden. You can have this omelet with some low fat bread like rye bread.
  5. Banana bites dipped in chocolate– Just because you are looking for foods that burn fat, does not mean you cannot have dessert. Here is an example of an easy dessert. Take a few pieces of semi sweet chocolates, or semisweet chocolate chips, and put them in a microwave safe bowl. Put them in the microwave and heat till the chocolate melts. Cut bananas and dip them in the semi liquid chocolate, and eat as a dessert.

These recipes are quite easy to make, and you need not spend much time or need not have expertise to make them. On top of that they have fat burning qualities.