Are you a female who works out with a man who always seems to lose weight faster than you? Do you find it impossible to lose weight even after so many efforts while all men around you tend to lose it in a jiffy? Well, there are many reasons why a female tends to lose weight slower than a male.

However irritating some of these reasons might seem, they are still inevitable and unavoidable. The following are the top 7 reasons why women find it harder to lose weight:

reasons why women find it harder to lose weight1. The Pill: The Problem

Those females who are on prescription pills or medicines of some kind may find it hard to lose weight.  Some of the pills which may have this affect are antidepressants, steroids, birth control pills and steroids etc. these may sometimes block the ability to lose weight.

2. A Heavy Mom

Well, if your mom was obese or overweight during pregnancy then chances are that you may be heavy too and this weight can be hard to get rid of. This problem tends to persist in the adulthood as well and this may be another reason why you may be finding it difficult to lose it.

3. Busy Schedule: No Exercise

Working women who need to juggle between several works such as tending to kids, household chores, office duties etc. may not get the time to hit the gym or exercise at home. This could be another reason why they may find it hard to lose weight as compared to their male counterparts.

4. Skipping Breakfast

Another reason why women find it harder to lose weight as compared to men is that they often skip breakfast in the pursuit of eating less to lose more. But this has a counter effect on their bodies. What happens is that by skipping breakfast, women tend to fast for a long time and this may make them eat more at lunch. This leads to binge eating which infact leads to weight gain rather than weight loss.

5. Thyroid Problems

It is a fact that women tend to suffer from thyroid problems more than men. This is one reason why they do not lose weight as fast as males do.  The thyroid problem is mainly related to hormonal issues in which the thyroid gland does not pump out as much hormones as normal.

6. Stress

The problem of stress is much more in females than males and this could be another reason for not being able to lose weight. Stress triggers the body to release cortisol which is an appetite stimulating stress hormone. Thus even if you are not hungry, the body tends to eat more and hence gain more.

7. Overdosing on Alcohol

Ofcourse there is nothing wrong with an occasional drink but overdosing on alcohol can lead to weight gain in women. Even a drink like wine can lead to weight gain and may make it difficult for the body to lose it.