If your flabby arms are holding you back for sleeveless or the slim fit apparel, it is time to ponder about the ways to reduce the extra fat and tone up the muscles of the upper arm.

Though, there are umpteen methods of optimizing your whole body to maintain the ‘fitness’, a combination of physical exercises specific to upper arms, cardiovascular activity, balanced diet and the general lifestyle would bestow you the desired effect.

Check out the effective ways to lose Upper Arm Fat

1. Chkair Dips

With this activity, you can reduce not only the flab of the arms but also of the back muscles.  Keep a 2 feet chair or similar furniture and stand 3 feet away from the chair and place the hands on the chair or the furniture.

By bending your knees and the knees simultaneously, try touching the ground. Come back to the original position. Repeat this activity of 20 reps at least 3 times a day for effective result.

10 Effective Ways to Lose Upper Arm Fat

2. Counter Push Ups

You would observe amazing result with this simple exercise by using a table.  Facing the table, stand at a distance on your toes and rest the hands on the table. By bending the elbows, attempt to touch the table with your face and come back to the normal position. You need to repeat 20 reps of 3 sets each day and the results are worth the efforts.

Counter Push Ups

3. Single Arm ‘Push Up’

Though similar to the push-up exercise, the benefits are enormous and almost double if you follow the regimen regularly.  By positioning yourself in the position of the regular ‘push up’, raise the right arm parallel to the ground ensuring that the torso is also stable without any bend and stay in the position for a few seconds.

Then, you can come back to the original position and repeat the exercise with the other hand.  For more effective result, you can place a water bottle of 500 ml. on the hand and attempt the lateral raise.

Single Arm ‘Push Up’

4. Chest Fly Dumbbells

Use a bench to lie on your back and take the dumb bell of equal weight on each the hands. By raising your arms straight, bring the arms close to each other so that the firsts are parallel to each other.

Now move the arms away from the parallel position stretching both the arms parallel to the ground. More important thing is you should feel mild to moderate stretch in the chest.

Chest Fly Dumbbells

5. Rowing Machine

If you aim to burn about 300 calories in half an hour’s time, this is recommended to everyone. You should ensure that your back is straight and the movement of arms is uniform and at a regular pace during the regimen of about 20 minutes for the ideal result.

Rowing Machine

6. Dumb bell Punches

Hold a minimum weight of dumbbell in a standing position with a hip width and start punching forward by alternative arms by bending your elbows. You can increase the weight of the dumbbell gradually.

Dumb bell Punches

7. Push-Ups

This is a very time-tested exercise for both strengthening and toning up of your upper arm muscles. Though it might be slightly difficult to balance of your hands and knees in contrast with the hands and toes, once you are used to, the benefits are immense.


8. Scissors Regimen

Another reliable and faster way of losing methods and also one of the oldest methods is the scissors activity. By standing straight, raise your arms up to your shoulder level parallel to the ground. Then, bring back to the front ensuring that the right arm is on the left arm thus bringing an ‘open scissors position’.

Again you need to repeat it with the left hand overlapping on the right hand.  You may continue for three sets of 10 reps on daily basis.

scissors activity

9. Weight Lifting

This is another method by grandpa or grandma for reducing and toning up the arm fat into a shape.  Without straining yourself too much, you can gradually increase the weight on each side of the bar.

 Weight Lifting

10. Arm Dips

Sit on a mat joining the feet and the legs and the knees bent.  Keep the hands behind the hip ensuring that the fingers are facing your hip.

Now, simultaneously straightening the elbows, lift your hip from the ground level.  You can do this by bending one elbow and raise the hip with the help of another arm with a straight elbow.

Though the fat is deposited fast in the areas of upper arms, hip and thighs, it is a matter of complacence that the fat also disappears fast if you can comply with the above scientifically proved exercises.