Women usually enjoy winter because it is easier to cover the extra pounds with loose clothing. When summer comes many women start thinking about losing weight.

This way they will be confident enough to wear skinny jeans and tight tops along with swimsuits.

Chilled soups

These are good because they contain little calories. When thinking about soups of this kind consider cucumber-dill and gazpacho.

These are good because they contain chunky pieces of vegetables. According to the research, the low calorie foods fill people up and they make them eat less.



The majority of people like to have a large piece of watermelon especially when it’s hot outside. It is good to know that about half of the watermelon consists of water.

The best thing about it is that it makes you less thirsty and it fulfills your desire for something sweet with little calories.

Grilled vegetables

According to specialists, it is a must to have some grilled vegetables during the summer. It is best to have some grilled bell peppers, onions, carrots, zucchini, asparagus, eggplant and garlic in the fridge.

There are numerous dishes that you could prepare with these, like goat cheese and grilled vegetable salads, ricotta and grilled vegetable, frittatas and fresh herb pasta and also consider the grilled vegetable pastas.


These meals are great for the summer because they are easy and fast to prepare, not to mention that they are also healthy.

It only takes minutes to dice, slice, toss fruits, low-fat cheese, vegetables, toasted nuts, salad greens, ginger or raspberry vinaigrette and whole grain roll. You could also try the wholegrain and bean salads like tabouli and wheatberry.

The specialists say that people could add some flavoring to the salads from the garden so that they can go easy on the dressing. You could also add some fish or meat to the salads. In this case think of them as accessories to the vegetables, greens and grains.


When it’s hot outside it is just great to have some specialty coffee drinks, smoothies, sodas and teas, but you also have to consider that these come with many calories. Instead you should opt for orange dream float or root beer, tart lemon pom spritzer, ice skim latte, and white wine spritzer. Make sure that you have enough liquids to stay well hydrated during the summer months but make sure you stay away from sugar.