The best way to find out whether you truly have vitamin D deficiency symptoms is to have a blood test and measure the level of the vitamin in your blood.

This could be done by your doctor or you could use a home test kit. To know when to have the test you should know about the signs of the deficiency.

1. The flu

vitamin-d-deficiency-symptomsAccording to one of the studies conducted in this field the children who have a vitamin D deficiency are more likely to be affected by respiratory diseases.

One of the intervention studies has shown that vitamin D can prevent the diseases of this kind in case of children.

2. Muscle weakness

One of the experts of the field says that muscle weakness can become one of the main signs of vitamin D deficiency.

This is because in order for the skeletal muscles to work as they should the receptors of vitamin D have to be sustained by this vitamin.

3. Psoriasis

One of the studies conducted in the UK regarding the vitamin D deficiency symptoms show that the analogues of synthetic vitamin D may be used to treat people with psoriasis.

4. Chronic kidney disease

The specialists say that this could be one of the vitamin D deficiency signs. This is because the people who have the condition cannot produce the active form of the vitamin.

This is why they have to take vitamin D3. This supports the metabolism of calcium, it regulates the parathyroid hormone levels and it reduces the chances of renal bone disease.

5. Diabetes

It looks like diabetes could also be one of the vitamin D deficiency symptoms. During a study in Finland children were given vitamin D on the day they were born. As a result the incidence of diabetes type 1 among them got reduced by 80% compared to the average population.

6. Asthma

As one of the warning signs of vitamin D deficiency, the asthma attacks could be more severe. A study conducted in Japan said that the severity of the attacks in case of children could be reduced if the children receive vitamin D on a daily basis.

7. Periodontal disease

People could see as one of the vitamin D deficiency symptoms the chronic gum disease that leads to the bleeding and swelling of the gums. In order to make the disease better they should have a higher vitamin D intake. This way they would produce more cathelicidin and defensins. Both of these have microbial characteristics and they can decrease the number of bacteria in the mouth.

8. Cardiovascular disease

Believe it or not, having heart problems could be one of the vitamin D deficiency warning signs. In this case the signs include congestive heart failure. In the same time the low vitamin levels can lead to hypertension.

As you can see there is a lot to know about the vitamin D deficiency symptoms. Also you should know that there are a lot of different conditions that seem to be linked to this deficiency.