New Year’s Eve is usually the time many vow to drop down a few sizes. They are pumped to get started because they think they have a fresh start at life. But realistically, no one needs to wait until the end of the year to start something new. The energy of new beginnings does very little to help you lose weight. It is all about changing your eating habits and being active.

Getting in shape is a mental decision and this is why sugar and junk food is always on the chopping block first. Have a look through your cupboards and fridge.

  1. Is there more candy bars then fruit and vegetables?
  2. Do you live on coke instead of water?
  3. Are there donuts instead of celery?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time to bring you thoughts about eating right to life. Throw out all of the junk food and sugar. Your body will thank you for this. Attitude is everything, especially towards food.

When you first get started, try and see food as fuel. In comparison to chicken and fish, donuts hardly fill you up with energy. The same goes for green vegetables.  Nearly everyone can tell you that they feel more tired after eating a bag of chips in comparison to munching on celery sticks. Another great vegetable to snack on is Broccoli. This green vegetable is full of protein and dietary fibre which are essential in weight loss because they increase your metabolism rate and help you feel fuller longer.

Changing your eating habits is always the hardest part because you are breaking and creating new habits. But like with all hard things in the beginning, the more you do it the easier it will become. As for being active that is just as easy. Playing sport is always fun and since most sports are cardio based, your chances of losing weight dramatically increase.

Organize a soccer game for your next family reunion. Just make sure everyone has the proper shoes to run around in comfortably and jerseys of their favorite soccer team. Soccerloco is a good place to check out anything soccer related.

Get together with your neighbors and go shoot some hoops. You can buy a hoop or go down to your local park. Run with your best friends and chat while you cool down with a short stroll. As long as you are moving, you are being active.