Yoga is not only one of the most effective ways to lose weight and become fit but is also a great stress reliever. Yoga fulfils many purposes and among them, stress management is one of the most popular and beneficial ones. By transferring the focus as well as the attention to the breath and the body, yoga can help to reduce anxiety levels and release the physical tension.

If you have been facing stress in your day to day life or have been experiencing anxiety lately, then rather than opting for over the counter stress relief medicines, you must give yoga a try. The following are the best yoga poses for stress management:

Anjali Mudra(Salutation Seal)

salutation sealAnjali mudra is one of the best yoga poses or practices for those who have been experiencing the stress mount up. This pose helps to induce a meditative state of awareness and is performed with the hands in the center of the heart chakra. The pose helps to establish a balance between the left and the right side reunited with the center. Anjali mudra not only helps to find the physical balance but also the emotional and thus reduces anxiety and stress. This pose is practiced while seated in a comfortable cross legged posture and with closed eyes.

Sukhasana(Easy Pose)

This pose helps to gain a sense of inner calm and also has many other benefits like eliminating anxiety, relieving mental exhaustion, lengthening the spine and reducing tiredness. In this pose, one has to focus on their breath by sitting still with the spine straight for at least 60 seconds.

Marjaryasana(Cat Pose)

marjaryasanaThis is another superb pose for relieving the body and the mind of all the stress and tensions. This pose can also be paired with the cow pose and helps to provide a gentle massage to the spine. It also stimulates the digestive tract and the spinal fluid. While doing this pose, one must keep in mind that a proper alignment of the wrists, shoulders and knees is very important.

Bitilasana(Cow Pose)

This is another pose which is considered as a great stress buster because it too helps to provide a gentle massage and warmth to the spine. This pose helps to gain inner calm and makes one forget all the tensions and anxiety and achieve a meditative addition to this, this pose has several other benefits as well such as stimulating the organs in the belly and creating an inner balance.

Uttana Shishosana(Extended Puppy Pose)

uttana shishosanaThis pose is a cross between downward facing dog and child’s pose. It lengthens the spine and also calms the mind. There are many other benefits of this pose such as relieving tension, insomnia and also reducing the symptoms of chronic stress.

Janu Sirsana(Head to Knee)

If you have been experiencing stress for the last few days then this is also a great pose for you. This pose is effective in relieving depression anxiety, headache and fatigue etc.