Panic attacks can said as a physiological situation which can be caused by some triggered event from past that frightens you. Panic attacks can be a very terrifying state of mind though you have to console your mind to overcome the potential dangers. Panic attack can also happen when you are relaxed or asleep.

Ways to Cope With Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be occurring once or even multiple times, recurrently. Many studies have recorded that around 60 % in one million people suffers from this disorder and women are seen to be affected more. The crowning age of this attack is 15-19 years of age. However this attack can be controlled through below given steps:

1. Psychotherapy

Amongst several medical treatments psychotherapy has been approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration as effective means of controlling panic attacks. The affected person should be closely monitored in this process of treatment. Cognitive behavioural therapy is well accepted in this respect both for adults and children though this is long term process.

2. Self-control

This is said to be the finest technique to overcome panic attack. You have to educate yourself to achieve success in this procedure. Try to distract your state of mind from that situation which is driving you toward the attack You can count alphabets backwards or listen to your favourite musical tracks to overcome the situation.

3. Prompt Physical Movement

Getting engaged in some physical activity can assist you in controlling your panic attack condition. Being seated in stiff position causes secretion of toxins which lead to muscle cramps or physical pain. Therefore you should involve yourself in some sorts of physical activity which will boost your psychological as well as physical ability.

4. Relaxation Techniques

Try to spend as much as possible time with yourself rather than anybody else which will fasten recovery process of your illness. Attempt should be taken to console and calm yourself. Realise that the attack was ‘’just a momentary blip’’ that might be the outcome of any worst circumstances occurred in past. Put on some soft, soothing music; try to divert your mind to some focal point or good memories.

5. Yoga

Adding daily exercise or yoga to your routine will comfort your overall health. It will freshen up your mind and will boost you to think in a positive manner. Positivity will bring you back from uncomfortable status quo of your mind to normal state.

6. Deep Breathing Techniques

This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to control your panic attack. Though it is recommended to practice it before having panic attack just for 10 minutes per day. Take deep breath, count for five and breathe out slowly. Ease your chest muscles, find yourself in comfortable position.

7. Paradoxical Intention

This is another technique of controlling panic attacks. The goal is to control the basic factor that frightens you. You can proceed for your friend’s support in this regard or talk to a therapist to sort out an accurate plan to overcome it.

Once you start applying these measures, you will realise that you can assist yourself to cope with panic attacks and this would be a positive note on the treatment itself! Although, it is always recommended to consult a doctor for proper guidance and opt for proper medications if the condition worsens.

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