Although summer is considered to be the time to have fun and relax, you may often experience stress because of your work, social or family relationships or just because you are always on the run. If you feel like you had enough of being stressed all the time, there are some methods you could try to make it better.

Deep breathsummer-2012-tips-for-stress-relief

While this may sound as a cliché, when you feel like you are under a lot of stress, all you have to do is to take ten deep breaths. Inhale deeply and allow your abdomen to expand. Hold it and then exhale through your mouth. This should take twice as long as inhaling. This doesn’t only help with stress, but it can also help you relax.

Write it down

Another method to relieve stress is to write down three emotions that you feel when you are stressed. If you know how stress makes you feel, you will know how it influences your relationships and how it makes you interact with the world and the people around you.

Full-body stretch

For this you should sit on a chair with your back straight, against the back of the chair. Take a few deep breaths and point your toes. Exhale and raise your arms above your head. Hold position for about 10 seconds. Such an exercise can improve flexibility, circulation and posture and helps relieve stress while decreasing muscle tension. You can use it to clear your mind.

No multitasking

You should make an effort to focus on only one activity 10 minutes straight. Use a timer if you want to. Although a lot of people think that multitasking makes us more productive, it can become detrimental and stressful. It could have negative consequences on our social relationships because people will have the feeling that you’re not listening to them.

Everything should have a place

Make sure that you have a place for your wallet, keys and bag in your home. This is important because looking for things could become a waste of time not to mention that most probably you will become stressed because of it. You should always put things in their right place. In this manner you won’t have to start your day with looking for your car keys, and things will go more smoothly than you must have imagined. Just make a commitment to yourself in this matter.