Teaching is a rather challenging profession which not only deals with unruly children, long hours of constant teaching but also staff room politics. After a hard day of teaching, most women return back home with stressed minds and tired bodies.  The paperwork, the at-home self- learning, the constant bickering of class full of students and constant doubts and problems can be stressful for anyone. So here are a few ways you can bust all the stress which tags along with a teaching job.

Stress Busters for Teaching Women

  • Try and remain calm

The first way to get rid of all your stress is to remain as calm as you possibly can.  Even if you are feeling very angry at the children, maintain a calm disposition and deal with one student after the other without getting angry or upset.  Rather than taking out your anger on the students, release yourself when you are alone.  Don’t hold onto any of the anger and avoid taking anything too seriously. Leave your worries at the school or college itself and do not bring back any home.

  • Practice meditation regularly

Meditation is one of the best stress busters and you too can incorporate it in your schedule to find relief from stress.  Meditate everyday by sitting down at a calm spot and by concentrating on your breathing. This will help you in the long run and leave you feeling relaxed.

  • Laugh with the class

Another great way to relax yourself and get rid of the stress that you have in your mind is to laugh with the class.  If you do something stupid in the class or make a mistake, just laugh it out. This will help you to take yourself lightly and will bring a friendly touch to your relationship with the students.

  • Enter the class with a relaxed mind and good mood

The mood in which you enter the class decides the way your hour with the class will go. If you enter the class with a negative frame of mind, you won’t enjoy teaching and will be stressed throughout. But if you enter the class with smile, even the class will smile with you and you won’t be stressed through the session.

  • Time management

Most of the stress that you experience while teaching is due to the lack of time and due to lack of time management skills.  Learn how to manage your time and divide your time well so that you can manage all your activities well.  If you will be well managed throughout the day, your stress will automatically lift off.

  • Discuss your stress with colleagues

Since your colleagues are in the same shoes as you, they will be able to understand your stress more than any other person. So it’s best to discuss your work related stress with your colleagues as this will help to eliminate it a great deal.

  • Be positive

The best key to remain free of stress is to remain positive and start each day with a positive outlook towards life and work.

Photo Credit By: sheknows.com