Although we may think that it’s always sunny in the world of celebrities, there are many things that they have to worry as well, such as their health.

Let’s see the case of Pink, for example. She was admitted to the hospital and at the beginning the doctors thought that she had the stomach flu.

It is interesting to add that she published a photo of herself on Twitter while she was in her hospital bed (because celebrities aren’t dependent of social media, right?).

On the photo we can see her smiling which is something strange for someone admitted to the hospital.

Pink Hospitalized

Some people said that this might have something to do with the morphine that she was given. The truth is that patients don’t get such substances for stomach flu. The celebrity later added that she didn’t get the morphine for her stomach flu. In fact it looks like she could have an ulcer. Most probably she had this problem for quite some time now.

How do people get an ulcer?

The stomach has acids that break the food down. In some cases this stomach acid damages the lining of the stomach and this is known as gastritis. There are a lot of things that could lead to gastritis such as alcohol, medications irritating the lining of the stomach like NSAIDs and aspirin and germ infections of the stomach.

In the same time, the problem can also be caused by autoimmune disorders like anemia, smoking and having too much stomach acid. The condition comes with different kinds of symptoms, including pain in the abdomen, dark stools, indigestion, lack of appetite, vomiting, nausea and vomiting blood or what seems to be coffee ground.


If the irritation of the stomach is very severe, it could lead to an ulcer in the stomach. It is also possible for the ulcer to appear in the upper part of the small intestines. There are different ways to diagnose the problem, such as X-rays, upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, stool tests and blood tests.

Keep in mind that you should never neglect your health and you should see a doctor after the first signs. This way you won’t end up in a hospital bed like Pink did. If you catch the first signs, the problem is easier to treat and you will have to use fewer treatments and medications that aren’t too strong.