Laser eye surgery is one of the most popular surgeries to improve eyesight, but there are lots of myths surrounding this procedure. Optical Express have put together this guide to give those considering the procedure some clear advice.

Myth Number 1 – It Hurts

Rest assured, the procedure is painless. Patients may feel a small amount of discomfort due to the eye being kept open throughout, but the procedure only takes one to two minutes per eye.

laser eye surgery

Myth Number 2 – It’s Risky

There are over 20 million people in the world who’ve had this surgery and only a small minority have experienced complications. The biggest risk is infection, however, contact lens wearers are ten times more likely to develop an infection than those who undergo laser eye surgery.

Myth Number 3 – It’s Expensive

Over the years the cost of this procedure has reduced considerably. When you consider the amount spent on glasses and contact lenses, it may even be a saving! Clinics like Optical Express have financing options available (including 0% interest plans) to help you cover the costs.

Myth Number 4 – I’m Too Old

Around 98% of people over 45 are suitable. There is no upper age limit.

Myth Number 5 – It’s Not Permanent

Your eyes may change over time, but in most cases the results are permanent. You may require a follow-up treatment if your prescription is very high.

Myth Number 6 – It Could Burn Me

The technology involved is very advanced. It uses a cool beam laser, which means when it comes in contact with the skin it won’t burn or scold.

Myth Number 7 – Results Aren’t Instant

Results of the procedure become evident within a few seconds.

Myth Number 8 – There’s No Aftercare

Aftercare is very important. Patients who have this surgery should have at least three follow-up consultations following a laser eye procedure.

Myth Number 9 – It’s a Long Recovery

In most cases only one or two days are required off work after the surgery, and many people can drive again after 24 hours.

Myth Number 10 – It’s Impossible to Get 20 / 20 Vision

20/20 vision is completely normal for lots of people. The majority of those who have laser eye treatment actually achieve better vision than 20/20.

Myth Number 11 – Different Treatments Get Different Results

Both LASEK and LASIK have the same procedure and both have the same outcome. Your existing prescription level is the only factor that determines your treatment type.

Myth Number 11 – I Could Go Blind

With advanced technology and experienced surgeons, going blind from laser eye surgery is extremely unlikely and an unfounded myth.

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