Jillian Michaels is known as the coach that makes it possible for people to lose those extra pounds. According to her it is always more interesting to build the confidence of people than fitness itself. Her goal is to make the others adopt a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Life coach or fitness trainer?

She thinks that it is funny that people think she is a coach because she is using fitness only as a means of building the confidence of people. Her main goal isn’t to make people attend fitness classes but to show people that they have power over their lives.

Jillian-MichaelsSelf-confidence and physical fitness

Michaels says that she sees fitness as a way to create a healthy and happy life.

This is important because if people are healthy they are more willing to take certain risks – they have the courage to ask for a promotion, they have energy to be a better mother and they feel like they deserve the love of others.


She says that in order to find motivation that is sustainable, people have to self-motivate themselves.

Instead of the external motivators, people should ask whether they truly want something for themselves. It is important for the persons she is working with to find why they want to achieve a given goal.

How to stay motivated?

Once people find why they want to reach a goal, they should post it everywhere – in their home, car and even their phone.

This way they can get rid of the negative temptations. It is best to have a support system, such as working out with a friend so that you will have someone to rely on when you feel weak.

Is it possible not to get motivated?

Michaels says that there is no lazy person. Laziness is a symptom of another problem, such as depression, helplessness, or lack of self-confidence. This is where fitness comes into picture, it is a way to show people what they are capable of in a pretty short period of time.


She doesn’t really think that age would be a factor that would stop people from losing weight. She worked with people in their 50s and 60s who managed to get rid of the extra pounds. It is possible to have an unhealthy lifestyle for a while but later you will see the effects. This has nothing to do with age; it is something natural.
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