One of the first features that people notice about a person is their smile and it is important for your dental health that you keep yours looking its best. There a various methods to help achieve this but keep in mind that getting that perfect white smile will not happen overnight.

Teeth Whitening At Home

You can have your teeth whitened professionally by a hygienist or a dentist. This is done by having an impression of your teeth made by your dentist in order to make you a custom-fitted tray.

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The dentist will supply you with the whitening paste which you then place into your mouth tray and wear it up to two hours a day/night for around two weeks. Although it must be noted that there are a list of points to consider before going ahead with teeth whitening of any kind.

Teeth Whitening In-office

This procedure gets quicker results but at a higher cost. Your dentist will use a rubber shield to protect your mouth and a bleaching solution is then applied to your teeth. The procedure lasts from 30 minutes to one hour dependent on the patient. Often, a special light is used on the teeth to help quicken the whitening agent.


If you’re suffering from discoloured or crooked teeth then dentures are a potentially a viable option for you. They are an artificial replacement for natural teeth and are designed to look as much as the real thing as possible so that nobody notices you’re wearing them. Dentures are made of acrylic and resin, special plastics and often lightweight metal. Your dentist will most likely first examine your mouth, using this to create a model of your jaw.

Ditch the Bad Habits

A lot of what you eat or drink can have a direct effect on the colour of your teeth. Smokers tend to have more yellow stains on their teeth than non-smokers. Drinks like red wine, coffee and tea can also cause tooth discolouration so keep this in mind the next time you crave your favourite beverage.

Improve you Dental Hygiene

Make sure to visit your hygienist at least twice a year in order to keep your teeth healthy and in good condition. Dental floss daily will also bring you one step closer to achieving your dream smile as well as brushing after every meal and avoiding food and drink that may cause discolouration.

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