It is just normal for women to wish to look their best for their summer vacation. For this they don’t really have to starve. In fact they should eat provided they eat the right foods.



These are sweet and juicy fruits that you can find during the summer. You can have them fresh or dried and there are different kinds of dishes that you can add them to. The best thing about them is that they are high in vitamin C as well as in fiber, potassium and resveratrol that is believed to protect the heart.


This comes with a lot of health benefits and it is rich in nutrients. These include iron, fiber, zinc, thiamine, phosphorus, folate, and also vitamin K. In the same time it increases the production of stomach acids thus supporting the intestines to get the waste out. Having a healthy digestive tract is important for weight loss.


This sweet fruit is just perfect for summer juices and smoothies. It comes with proteolytic enzyme bromelain that makes the digestion of protein easier and it also supports blood clotting. Pineapples are also known to have anti-inflammatory characteristics. They can also help to reduce the bloating, leaving you with a flat belly.


This is also known as yam and it is great source of fiber. Dieticians often suggest their clients to eat yam because it is very high in fiber compared to the sugar contents. In the same time jicama also comes with potassium that is very important to maintain the water balance in the body.


This is a dish that you can find in Mexican restaurants during the summer. It is rich in lean protein. The good news is that you could easily prepare it at home too. This dish can be prepared using different kinds of fish. According to rumors this is the favorite dish of Lady Gaga while being on tour.

Bitter melon

This is a fruit that you can usually find in Asian markets. It can lower blood sugar and it also helps digestion. If you want to lose weight it is very important to keep your blood sugar level under control. If you have too much sugar in the blood, there will be a signal sent to the pancreas to start storing the fat by producing insulin. If you control blood sugar, you can control fat storage.