Strong legs look amazing, and are also good for the body. A lot of women crave to have slimmer and more muscular legs, and identify stubby legs as their area of problem. If you are among those women who crave for a fitter pair of legs, then you have to work out your legs more. However, there are certain techniques of burning the fat in the legs. Here are a few exercises through which you can have better looking and stronger legs.


Tips on working out of the legs

Working your legs out is essential in order to gain the perfect shape. Some exercise might help you to achieve your end. Here is how you can get it.

  • Pistol squats- This is a great exercise for your legs. In this you have to stand with your arms stretched out in front at the level of your shoulders. Then push out one of your legs in front and keeping them straight try to lower your hips as far as possible, closer to the floor. Stand up and repeat with the other leg.
  • Farmer’s walk- This is an exercise you have to do with two dumbbells. It is a very easy one. All you have to do is hold the two dumbbells in two hands next to your body, and with this hand position walk with your heels up. Do this regularly to help develop the calf muscle.
  • Thigh trimmer- This exercise works well for trimming down your thighs and is also a great exercise for your heaps. In this exercise you have to stand with your feet apart and hands by your side. Next you need to bend forward with your knees bend and touch the floor in front of you. Now left a foot and point towards the floor. Repeat for a few times.
  • Kettle ball swing- you can do this with one hand or two hands. You will need a kettle ball for this exercise. Stand with your legs a bit apart. Hold the kettle ball out with one hand or two hands, straight in front of you. Bend the knees and make a 45 degree angle with the floor. Then swing the ball between your two legs and forward and get to standing position with the flow. Then squat again and swing the ball in the same way.
  • Goblet squat- Stand with your legs slightly apart and take a dumbbell and hold it with your two hands close to your chest vertically. Cup both hands around the dumbbell head. Then bend your knees and get down to a squatting position. Make sure you go as low as possible. Hold and gently get up. Repeat the full process. This is an exercise which is very good for your hips, legs, knee joints etc.

Along with these exercises, make sure you also eat food which does not make you too fat. And it is extremely necessary to continue these exercises for a considerable period to get the perfect pair of legs you have always dream of.