Becoming a mother is a wonderful feeling but at the same time you must be wary about gaining weight and not getting the time to exercise to get your body back. However, it is not that difficult as you think. As per experts, indulging in a simple exercise program daily after giving birth can be really good for your health. However, since each pregnancy and delivery is unique, it is best to talk to your doctor before starting with any exercise.


Exercise to help you lose Belly Fat

  • Walking: Walking is probably the easiest exercise for not only new mothers but all in general and it offer great results. You can start with an easy stroll and increase your speed and intensity slowly. You can also bring you baby along as that would increase the benefits.
  • Deep belly breathing: This is another easy exercise and you can start doing it right from the day of the delivery. It helps in muscle relaxation and also tones your belly and abs. Sit upright and inhale deeply, while drawing air upward. Hold your abs tight and contract them while inhaling and relax while exhaling. Increase the time of gradually.
  • Crunches: This is something that you must start a few weeks later after giving birth and is a great exercise to reduce belly fat. Lie flat on your back on the ground, knees bent, and hands behind your head and lift your shoulders and head off the ground. Do this at least 10-15 times every day. As you get stronger, increase the difficulty level and add variation like you can lift your legs during reps or you can tilt the knees to either sides one and reach for the opposite knee. These would help in toning the muscles present in your torso.
  • Use the ball: This is one of the greatest exercise equipment when it comes to reducing tummy fat. You can try ball crunches and these are almost similar to your regular crunches, with elements of balance that makes this exercise much more challenging. If you don’t want to do crunches, you can also try Pilates for exercising your whole body.

Apart from these, you can also try cardio workouts but make sure that you include interval exercises between them.

Few Other Tips

Some of the other tips that can help you get back your abs are:

  • Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Whenever, you are hungry, consider snacking on fruits as it has been proved that increased intake of fruits can help you to lose weight
  • It is also important that you eat freshly cooked food only and eat home cooked food mostly
  • Practicing yoga is another great way of losing your belly fat. There are special yoga for new mothers that you can try and you will come across videos on the internet as well for the same. Pranayama is one of them.

You can reduce your tummy by maintaining a healthy routine and exercising regularly.