Your working environment and your day to day life may not always be the most forgiving when it comes to trying to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

We all know eating healthy food is vital for our bodies, but when pushed for time, it’s easier to go for something we can just throw in the oven after a long and stressful day.

If you’re spending all your time at your desk staring at your computer screen, you may be pushing for your next promotion, but it’s doing nothing for your overall levels of fitness. With only 10 minutes to spare to grab a pre-packed sandwich to eat at your desk, this just compounds matters.

But things can be done. First, take a look at our handy tips to stay trim at work.

Get a healthy breakfast inside you

Eating a healthy breakfast will boost your metabolism in addition to burning fat and preventing muscle wastage.

Not only that, if you’re full, you’re not going to be craving for any snacks between meals. If you have to rush, pack a healthy breakfast and take it with you.

Control your eating environment

If you work in an office it’s always likely that there will be a variety of unhealthy food and drinks on offer throughout the day.

Whether it’s snack foods and drinks laid out for a meeting, or clients showing their appreciation with some free pizza, it’s easy to stray from your good intentions.

But you don’t have to indulge. It’s important to keep control over what you eat. Try not to snack and always look for a healthier option at office lunches, and dinners whilst away on conferences.

Make some time away from your desk

Often it can feel like the world is falling in on us during the working day. Sometimes it seems that if it can go wrong, it will go wrong. But even if all manner of problems are falling on your desk, there’s always room to take a break.

Make at least half an hour for yourself. Get out the office and take a brisk walk. Not only will this help with your day to day health, you’ll also feel invigorated and re-energised for the afternoon ahead.

Stay hydrated

If you’re thirsty, stay clear of the vending machine. Water is what you need. Even if you don’t feel thirsty throughout the day, it’s vital that you keep as hydrated as possible. Not only will it keep you full, it will also help prevent fatigue.

Why not also try changing your routine and cycle or walk to work rather than drive? Oh yes, and use the stairs, not the lift!