While we all know that we need physical activity to increase health, the thought of a solo workout routine at the gym can leave one feeling uninspired and unmotivated. Often, counting crunches, treadmill workouts and cycling at a gym is just plain boring, and the minutes can start to feel like hours.

The best solution for the exercise doldrums is to socialise and exercise at the same time. Socialising plus exercising is both fun and good for you, the perfect formula. Think back to your childhood and of all the great memories you have of kickball, swimming and playing tag with your pals.

socialise and exercise at the same time

Although these activities provided you with a good cardio workout, they were considered as fun and not as “exercise.” Apply this concept to your workout routine, and you’ll be revved up and ready to have some fun.

Pump Up a Visit to the Local Pool with a Game of Underwater Rugby

Instead of heading to your local pool for a set of ordinary laps, gather your guy and girlfriends for an exciting game of underwater rugby. The more is always the merrier when it comes to social sports, so don’t forget to advise your guests to bring along others who might be interested.

All you need to play are two teams, a buoyant ball and two metal buckets for the goals. If you really want to outperform your opponents, bring a pair of goggles, fins and a mask. Each team tries to score a goal by sending the ball into the other team’s bucket. It’s fast, fun and, best of all, you’ll be burning tons of calories.

Join a Team Sport

Joining a team sport is a great way to meet new people, enjoy social interaction and get a good physical workout. From bowling and softball to lacrosse and mountain biking, a team sport will have you working together with ten or more people. You’ll also be committing to a whole season of physical activity that will keep you in shape and improve your overall wellness.

If you’re not sure about what team sports are available, just check out the local community centres. Pick a sport that is to your liking and gear up for action.

Physical Activity to Increase Health with Fundraisers

There are always fundraisers for charity that include five-kilometre marathons and bike rides. Along with getting some great exercise, you’ll meet hundreds of people.

A popular and exciting fundraiser is The Colour Run. It’s held at many cities across Australia, and the only requirement is that you wear a white shirt since you get sprayed with colourful powders at each kilometre. When you’re done, you’ll be full of exhilaration and good cheer from participating in such a lively social workout.

Join a Celeb Workout Class for Piloxing

A combination of Pilates and boxing, the sport ofpiloxing is quickly gaining in popularity, with the support of celebrities such as Hilary Duff and the Victoria’s Secret Angels. You can enjoy a core-centric and body-sculpting workout, along with some fun sexy dance moves.

Donned in weighted gloves, you get a workout that tones the arms and maximizes cardiovascular health. Whether you sign up with your mates or meet some new ones at the class, piloxing will take a boring workout routine and transform it into an exciting one. After the workout, you and your friends can head out to a movie or a cafe for a nibble and a well-deserved catch-up.

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