In order to achieve your highest running performance, you should have the right running spikes. These are especially created for different purposes, such as sprinting, distance, middle distance, field events and jumping. The spikes you need are determined by the distance that you run and the traction that you need.

What are you preparing for?

You have to know exactly what kind of event you are preparing for. It is also a good idea not to buy your spikes before you have your first practice. If you buy the spikes too soon, you increase your chances of getting injured, or you will go back to the store and change them. Before shopping, make sure that you understand what you need.


Most probably you will find the best running spikes at local specialty stores. These stores have experienced staff that usually consists of experienced runners. If you want to sprint you need track spikes that doesn’t have, or have only little cushioning. In the majority of the cases the sprint spikes have hard plastic cushioning under the forefoot so that you will get on the balls of your feet and you will have the right technique.

Just like any other spikes, these also come with spikes made of ceramic or metal spikes that are secured into the universal base. The official rules allow the runners to have up to 11 spikes. Usually the runners opt for those that leave only little space for the toes.

Middle distance runners

If this is your case, you should look for the spikes that come with some cushioning under the heels. The more you run, the more contact the heels will make with the shoe, and this is why it is important to have some cushioning. It is true that you can’t try the shoes in the store, but try walking around in them to check if they are comfortable.

Distance runners

Since the heel and the mid-foot have a lot of contact with the shoe in this case, you should be looking for shoes that come with cushioning in this area. Although these shoes seem to be minimalistic, since they are lightweight and they add traction you can use them to enhance your performance.

Talk to the staff

In order to find the right shoes, you should talk to the staff of the store about sizing and proper fit. The majority of the spikes are configured for top performance so it’s up to you to get the right pair.