Love handles are nothing but that extra padding of fat at your middle of waist zone. Its said to be the toughest area to work on and trim down to a perfect shape. There are certain measures that can be taken to tone your sides and abs. With amendment on your diet, lifestyle, and exercise techniques you can easily get rid of love handles, may be not in few weeks but surely in span of few months. Here are some natural remedies for love handles –

get rid of love handles naturally

Watch what you Eat

In order to reduce the love handles, you have to focus on overall fat reduction from your body. High calorie carbohydrate diet leads to more fat accumulation compared to a diet rich in lean meat and green vegetables. Food rich in high fiber also helps in digestion and fat reduction. Fatty and highly processed food like cheese, butter, aerated and alcoholic drinks, ice cream, deep fried and fast food are few of the items which are to be totally eliminated from the diet chart.

Increase Water Intake

Drinking adequate amount of water is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. It helps in smooth functioning of all the organs in the body and extracting toxic wastes. Drinking insufficient amount of water leads to fluid retention in the body cells owing to a puffy bloated look. Drinking a glass of water before meals helps in decreasing the appetite and checking the calorie intake.

Avoid Electronic Media and Eat Slowly

In today’s hectic life it’s a common practice to watch TV, reply to mails and catch up on work or simply chat and socialize through social networking sites while having our meals. This is not only bad table manners but it also deprives you of the precious family time to be enjoyed over food. Distraction caused by electronic media also prevents us from realizing when we are full and need to stop eating, resulting in overeating, which is one of the main reasons for these unwanted fatty deposits on our bodies.

Exercise Wisely

Exercise is like a loaded gun, if handled carefully and focused right it can easily achieve the target but if handled carelessly it can backfire. Losing weight is not only about fat reduction, it also involves building and strengthening lean body muscles. You need to plan your exercise schedule which is a combination of aerobics, cardio and weight training under the guidance of a certified trainer. If you are not much of a gym person, altering your lifestyle and engaging in calorie burning daily activities like brisk walking, running, taking the stairs and most importantly avoiding the couch can bring about drastic changes to those love handles and your overall body weight.

Reward and Encourage Yourself

Eating healthy and exercising regularly can get a bit boring and lonely over the time, which is why it’s necessary for you to mingle and interact with other people having the same goal. This will keep things interesting and prevent you from faltering. Another way of keeping your body in perfect shape is by gifting yourself a new pair of jeans or a new t-shirt with every drop in size. The moment you see the love handles reducing in size the more you shall get motivated to diminish it.

As a conclusion we can rightly say that getting rid of ugly love handles in the natural way and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating habit is probably the best way to live.