Tired of the same four walls at work?  Thinking of changing jobs?  The 21st Century is the best place to be when it comes to freedom of movement within the working world.

Approaching 30, many friends of mine have opted to jump ship from the job they know in search of something more tailored to their own interests or need for fulfillment.  One gave up his job working for the local council to train to be a fitness instructor, while another left her high flying position with a large law firm to become a primary school teacher.  Personally, I’ve sought the sun, sand and sea in Australia.

The truth is, in the modern world there are so many opportunities for people of all ages to try their hand at something different to escape a job that in the past would have been difficult to leave.  It would astonish those of older generations for a successful young woman to abandon a law career she spent years training for and climbing ladders to attain in the pursuit of a more rewarding life in the classroom.

Similarly another pal has left the law profession, despite being highly successful, in order to work in radio and pursue a real interest of his.  This shows the flexibility within the world of work these days, and represents a whole generation of people who are not constricted by what they know and are used to.

My newly qualified fitness instructor friend was languishing in a nine to five office job that was providing him with no stimulation through the week and leading him to weekends of drinking beer and doing little exercise.  He got himself back into shape and is now helping others to do so, and the change in his life is incredible.  His joie de vivre is back with a vengeance, and a real indication that his career change was more than worthwhile.

There is also great opportunity to explore the world of work in far flung places, such as the city of Melbourne that I now find myself in.  Anyone under the age of 30 from the UK can easily obtain a one year Australian working holiday visa, providing they have a fairly clean background behind them!  The first year is not hugely difficult to prolong, with many companies offering sponsorship to stay in the country if you prove your worth.

Whatever destination you choose, if you are thinking of changing your job there is literally and metaphorically no time like the present!