The Blueprint Cleanse is the latest type of diet with which the celebrities are trying to lose their extra pounds. The most well known users of this kind of diet include Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Szohr and Christine Taylor.

This diet lasts for 3 days and during this time you will have to drink 6 special tonics that offer about 1,000-1,200 calories per day. The liquid that you get is vegan and raw so it is easy to digest and it helps the body cleanse of the toxins it has. Additionally it makes it possible for people to lose weight fast.


Nonetheless the diet also has some downsides. Just as the majority of the diets of this kind it isn’t sustainable on the long run and it could slow your metabolism down. If you start it make sure that you don’t extend it for more than 3 days.


When she needed to lose a few pounds she opted for Master Cleanse. This is a good detoxifier and it also helps people lose a few pounds very fast when they need it the most.

The diet is also known as Lemonade diet because you need to drink a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup every day. In the morning you need some saltwater lush and some mild laxative at night.

Gwyneth Paltrow

She likes to have a detox diet a few times per year and she also tried Master Cleanse but preferred to create her own diets together with her doctor.

Megan Fox

Although she is one of the hottest stars of Hollywood, she doesn’t use any kind of fast diet. Instead she sticks to low calorie foods and uses apple cider vinegar for cleansing.

This substance can increase the metabolism and so it can help you lose a few pounds and it can also cleanse the toxins from the body and get rid of acne, high blood pressure and indigestion. Although it’s not really a detox diet, you could have some apple cider vinegar every day.

Anne Hathaway

She is a fan of the 48-hour Detox. This is something like the Master Cleanse but it is shorter and the ingredients are pre-prepared. You have to drink the juice for two days and have nothing else in the meanwhile. The results come very fast and so celebrities have the diet right before the award shows when they need to look their best.