What makes a great home workout program? The obvious answer would be the results you get when using it. There are many home workout programs that have come and gone over the years, with a handful being very successful long –lasting ones. Anytime a home workout is based upon an existing fitness concept that already has a proven track record, the odds are it’s going to be good or at least driven by delivering result. One such workout program, Les Mills PUMP is a workout based upon a workout routine that’s helped people all over the world in droves lose weight and get fit. The fitness class called BODYPUMP is what Les Mills PUMP is mimicked after.

The idea of taking a fitness class that can only be done at a gym and bringing it to your living room is a brand new concept; it’s never been done before. But when Les Mills International and Beachbody LLC decided to collaborate, this idea was at the forefront of their vision. But how do you take a class that is based upon group fitness utilizing large amounts of people, and requires the use of specific equipment and turn it into a home workout program? The answer was simple. Film the DVDs in a way that makes you feel that you are part of a large group of people all exercising together. Second, use several instructors that rotate throughout each part of the workout who are highly energetic, but also BODYPUMP veterans. And third, include as part of the package not just DVDs, but also the exact same equipment you’d use and get when you go to class at the gym.

This is exactly what the les Mills PUMP workout program is. When you open your box you’ll find not just a few DVDs, and brochures like most other home workouts (think ZUMBA), but also a padded barbell and two sets of genuine BODYPUMP weights. Next when you pop in your first DVD you’ll instantly recognize the forma. The workouts follow the same pattern or protocol used in every single BODYPUMP class that’s ever been done. The music is exhilarating and easily recognized, and the trainers that rotate between each exercise on the DVDs are the best of the best BODYPUMP instructors. When the cameras roll to the audience, you’ll see not just a few “extras” in the crowd, but a roaring room full of people all pumping their way through the routine just like you are. Some are in shape while others are defiantly first timers. This makes you feel like you have at least a few people in the crowd that can relate to you. And if they can get through it, so can you.

Why Les Mills PUMP could possibly be the greatest home workout program of all time is not because of what comes in the box, or how the DVDs are filmed. Granted, these are all really good benefits of the program, but what makes it special and unique are the countless stories of people who’ve tried it and now rave about it. Les Mills PUMP may only have been on the market for a year now but both, people who have never tried BODY PUMP before and long term BODYPUMP veterans agree, the program works and works well. Les Mills PUMP is great because no matter what your goal is, whether it is to trim your belly down, tone up part or whole of your body, or even bulk up and get ripped, it seems this simple concept called Les Mills PUMP can get it all done. That’s what makes a workout program not just good, but GREAT!