Before thinking about the calcium carbonate side effects, you should know that it is also known as limestone. It is used for several purposes including therapeutic ones.

In the pure form it can be used for treating the symptoms of calcium deficiency. However there are some side effects that you should know about.


Adverse reactions of calcium carbonate

If you take the dosage that was recommended by your doctor there is no reason for you to see any side effects. Still it is better to have an intake of calcium from the foods you have than to be taking supplements.

If you have mild side effects, you can reduce them by decreasing the dosage that you are taking.


One of the more common adverse effects of calcium carbonate is swelling of the tongue, face and throat. If you see such side effects after taking a supplement, you should seek immediate medical care.

The same thing is true for the other kinds of possible side effects that you could see.

Bowel movement

Sometimes the people who take the supplements see calcium carbonate side effects in the form of bowel movements that are irregular and gas formation.

In the same time it is also possible to see a lack of appetite. To make the situation better you should decrease the dosage or to start using some home remedies.

Interaction with medication

One of the most serious calcium carbonate adverse effects is the substance interacting with other medication.

Remember that the substance has a powerful binding ability and so it can get attached to other drugs, changing their effects. It is also possible that for it to change the acidity of the stomach acid.

In order to avoid the possible calcium carbonate side effects it is advisable to take the supplements 1 or 2 hours after taking any other kind of medication. This way you can reduce the chances of it interacting with other substances that in turn could do more harm than good to your health.

Difficulty in breathing

The people who have hypersensitivity to the calcium coming from external sources may see some other secondary responses to calcium carbonate such as problems with breathing. If you have trouble with breathing after taking the supplement, you should seek immediate medical help.

Overdose of calcium

This is another one of the possible calcium carbonate side effects if there is more calcium carbonate than 2500 mg in the blood. In such a situation the calcium concentration of the blood gets too high and because of this the excess calcium will get deposited in the tissues.

The calcium carbonate secondary responses in case of an overdose include dizziness, nausea, constipation and lack of appetite. If you think you have an overdose you should contact your doctor immediately.

Although it is a useful supplement, it is also possible to see the calcium carbonate side effects. Now you know what you have to look out for to recognize these side effects and to take immediate measures to make the situation better.