We all know that after giving birth women have to deal with the baby weight that they accumulate while being pregnant. Nonetheless Beyonce has been seen only a month after she gave birth to Blue Ivy just as hot as we remembered her, only a bit curvier.

If we take into consideration that she was fit before she got pregnant and that she stayed fit during her pregnancy, it is not all that surprising that she is gaining back her silhouette this fast.

To make sure that she will lose the remaining baby weight as well, she moved her personal trainer into their house.

BeyonceThe singer and the trainer wake up at 5 a.m. and start a two-hour workout which is repeated at 5 p.m. again.

These workouts consist of cardio, plyometrics, Pilates, dance and some yoga too. Her diet also plays a major role in getting back to shape.

To make sure that she does everything she can, she has a lot of protein shakes, pineapple chunks, egg white omelets, and a lot of cold water.

According to the people close to her, she is really exhausted but her dedication isn’t lost. A source tells that she vowed to get a better silhouette than she had ever before.

During her pregnancy, she gained 18 kg, and she has already managed to get rid 7 of them. Naturally this happens in the world of celebrities.

In case of average people sometimes women don’t have to do a thing to get rid of the baby fat because breastfeeding does everything for them.

On the other hand the majority of the celebrities are working out for an hour five days per week to keep their figures for which there are indirectly paid.

Well, which new mom has so much time on her hands? Still if you are thinking about adopting a workout routine, first you should talk to your doctor to make sure that your body is ready for it.

If women do too much exercising, in the end they may not have enough milk for the baby. This is why usually the doctors suggest taking a six weeks break after giving birth.

Shedding the baby weight is a lot easier if you are active before you get pregnant and you do some exercises during pregnancy as well.

Remember never to compare yourself to the celebrities who have money for personal trainers.