Blackheads are open comedoes on the skin which is like a wide opening with a blackened mass of debris covering the mouth of the opening. Always blackheads are not black, they can also be yellowish in color and arises from hair follicles that are covered with skin impurities, oil and sebum.

Since there is no skin atop the blackheads, they can be easily removed and cleaned away from the skin surface with some easy and natural ways. This article will provide you the best 4 natural ways to get rid of blackheads from face, neck, chest or other body parts –

get rid of blackheadsExfoliate with baking soda

In case of blackheads, the best skin pampering you can do is by exfoliating it well enough every day. When you do this with baking soda, the process of “microdermabrasion” gets easier and promptly removes the blackheads. You can use a number of tools for this purpose like brushes, cleansers, or simply your hands to scrub the clogged pores deep into.

This exfoliating process with baking soda if done regularly is sure to minimise the appearance of blackheads altogether. While making the mixture, you can use apple cider vinegar in place of water and get even better results as apple cider has anti-bacterial and astringent properties.

Use Cosmetic Clay Masks

Blackheads can be removed by deep cleaning and this is again a matter of regular regime. Use facial masks to deep clean the plugged pores and make your skin smoother. To get rid of blackheads, best cosmetic facial masks can be made from scrubbing powders, abrasive pastes and clay masks that have kaolin content. However, this process can only be effective for a longer time if you do the skin cleansing process on regular basis or else dirt will again start accumulating on the opened up pores.

Extract the Debris with Egg Whites

This process is highly effective but not favourable for many because of the pungent odour. This useful egg face mask can be made with few simple steps. Firstly, clean your face well with a mild scrub cum oil controlling face wash and then apply the mashed egg whites uniformly all over your face. You can use a paintbrush for this task.

After applying the first thin layer, let it dry and then spread the second one and allow drying completely. After 15 minutes, you will feel the pull on your skin, understand that the job is done and wipe off the mask with a wet washcloth. Scrub away the egg whites very gently from your face. Enjoy the super smooth skin – free of blackheads at least for next 4-5 weeks.

Clean off the Blackheads with a Toothbrush

This can be considered as the ultimate resort to remove blackheads if all the options fail. This extreme measure calls for acts like rubbing and squishing that can be painful at times; thus try this out only if none of the others help you out. Get a clean toothbrush (not any used ones) and keep it dipped for a while in a glass full of hydrogen peroxide; keep it there for a day and then pour little lemon juice on the bristles and few drops of herbal oils like neem, jojoba, or tamanu.

Now, scrub on the blackheads gently; you can repeat the process twice or thrice after cleaning the brush with water each time. Do not go vigorous with your movements and do this only once a week. Avoid rubbing around eyes and on any open wounded zones, cuts or scratches. Only affected areas should be addressed.